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  • How ergonomic is the cyclop®?
    The cyclop® A1 is being worn on the hip so it doesn't affect the freedom of movement for the operator. With its 386g (incl battery) the cyclop® is a lightweight in its kind. The cyclop® goggle offers a panoramic view with a low pressure point on the face.
  • What should I expect in terms of noise or sound when using the device?
    The cyclop® A1 has been developed for silent use which results in a maximum of 55dB at full speed. As the typical decibel level in cleanrooms situates around 65dB the sound of the motor will not be noticeable in the cleanroom.
  • How can you assure low CO2 level?
    The cyclop® brings a breeze of fresh air into the coverall and reduces 2,5 times the CO2 level inside.
  • Can I wear my own personal glasses underneath the cyclop®?
    The visor of the cyclop® goggle is provided with an antifog finish. Fog and condensation doesn't stand a chance with the airflow of the cyclop® A1. This has been proven by internal testing and confirmed by our customers.
  • How much airflow does the cyclop® A1 provide?
    The cyclop® A1 can provide the wearer with 3 different airflows. The wearer can switch the flows in a sterile way depending on it's personal preference. - Speed 1: 65 liter/minute - Speed 2: 80 liter/minute - Speed 3: 100 liter/minute
  • Can the cyclop® goggles be washed?
    The cyclop® goggles can be washed in a goggles washer and autoclaved after assembling in the coverall (121°c-20min.)
  • How can cyclop® be cleaned and maintained?
    The cyclop® garment system can be sterilized while the cyclop® A1 and ventilation circuit can be disinfected (IPA 70°).
  • How do I handle the cyclop® A1 on a sterile way?
    The cyclop® has been provided with a NFC-chip in the sleeve. By moving your arm above the cyclop® A1 you can start, change speeds or stop the device. You don't need to touch any button.
  • Which battery is inside the cyclop® A1 and is it safe?
    The rechargeable Li-ion battery is provided with a low voltage and controlled by numerous safety features.
  • How long does the battery last in operation run time?
    The cyclop® A1 will operate up to 8 hours when using it on full speed. The battery has been provided with a LED State of Charge (SoC) indicator.
  • Are the components of cyclop® traceable?
    Yes, all single components are uniqly traceable by RFID-chip or serial number.
  • Can the cyclop® be used in sterile environents?
    Yes, cyclop® has been developed for sterile use. For use in environments with harmfull dangereous particles where PPE is required, please contact us.
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